Here some of the tips someone like you who is just getting started will appreciate:

  • The equipment recommendations section will help you dial in the right tools, including affordable setups, a strategy when working with expensive cameras, and optional equipment that can help boost your shoots.

  • It will tell you what content you should start with so you don't go shoot a lot of footage that won't sell

  • It will help you with creating a process to make sure you footage is as marketable as possible.  

  • It will walk you through how to improvise when a shoot doesn't go right. 

  • In the preproduction and Shooting sections, you'll learn my My Cinematography Formula for Stock Footage, which is something that has saved me so much headache and has helped me be much more efficient!

  • Show you how to edit your footage and what program to use

  • Big tip: how  to make sure your keywords are dialed in so your footage is found online!

"I REALLY wish I had these tips when I got started!  It's taken me years to develop these systems through a lot of mistakes.  I'd rather you get it the easy way!"


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