"Everyday I'm learning that I have more learning to do."

After years of struggling and failing businesses, I found what I had been looking for in successful stock footage creation.   

My Story


I didn't own a camera until I was 24.

Unlike many filmmakers who have a camera from an early age, go to film school, and then start on a crew, I..well..didn't do any of that.  



Some of the places in the media where me or my work has been privileged to be featured.

Times Square

My ultimate dream in this business was to have my content play on the screens of Times Square and one day just after telling my wife how cool it would be to have my footage up there, BOOM, there was my footage playing in a citizen watch commerical!  So random and so incredible.  You can see my reaction below, the clip, and were to find it.  

Here is the clip shown below.  See the clip here on Dissolve.com

On Websites

My work (the girl in the gym) featured on LensDistortions.com


Social Media

One of my clips I found while randomly scrolling on social media.

TV- McDonald's Commercial

The model sent me this video of her clip in a McDonald's commercial.



MAKING MOVIES IS HARD, EPISODE 176.   Listen here: makingmoviesishard.com/episode-176/

Alrik and Timothy of Making Movies is Hard reached out and we talked  about how I got started and how I've been able to make a living producing stock footage.

LENSWHACKERS.   Listen here: http://lenswhackers.ca/2018/01/29/episode-9/   My interview starts at 33:11.

Agencies featuring my work

I am a featured contributor at Artgrid.io and my clip on the homepage of Dissolve.com, which ended up in a McDonald's commercial.

I am a featured contributor at Artgrid.io

My clip on the homepage of Dissolve.com, which ended up in a McDonald's commercial.  (see above)


Another one of my proudest achievements:  out of 5 million clips, my footage made the homepage 4 different times (2 not pictured).  And that was BEFORE they knew me!

My Films

Here are a few of my personal films and ones I've created from stock footage.

See my footage

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